Group Coaching

We also offer a combination of the one-on-one coaching with a team coaching programme where we combine individual and team leadership development.

This is typically targeted at the direct reports of the corporate leader and usually involves eight to 12 members of the senior executive team. An organisational brief describes the goals and benchmarks. Objectives can be diverse; from the removal of any ‘disconnectedness’ between leader and team, to accelerated decision-making. The process begins with individual interviews, focusing on roles, relationships and how interaction might improve. 

A two-day offsite event identifies roadblocks to greater team effectiveness. One-on-one techniques encourage the discussion of alternative behaviours and processes, while personal commitments to improved performance are made. Ongoing contact with the team is maintained for six months after the initial offsite event. Contact in this period typically ranges from one-on-one discussions around the attainment of newly defined goals, to team review sessions.

Fundamentally we help the team to lift performance and we have a well-developed team coaching methodology that highlights the issues to focus on, including discovery sessions such as:

  • Culture and values;
  • What worked, what did not work and what new initiatives should the team embark on;
  • Team dynamics – what emotional EQ drivers exist, etc.?

The length varies between six and 12 months, with monthly sessions varying. One programme consists of two intensive one-day sessions. Sometimes, sessions are a combination of individual-, group- and phone meetings.


I have stopped paying school fees since being on the GKA coaching programme. Instead of learning the hard way – I now anticipate issues and events!


Gert, with your considerable help, we have transformed our relationship as a team. We have even committed to an increase in gross revenue that was unimaginable before the coaching. It is now two months later and the work we did is being applied powerfully. We can highly recommend your work to any organisation.


Invaluable coaching and they are the best at it!


Gert, you never fail to start me thinking. Leaders always need coaching.