One-on-One Coaching

The one-on-one coaching program is targeted towards executive managers and specialists for the development of certain skills and also executives with Board level duties and who is responsible for the profit performance of a business unit.

Typically, the process last six to 12 months, though renewal is common. Coaching sessions of about one hour is diarised twice a month, though the coach remains “on call” for more frequent consultations, either telephonic or face-to-face.

Interaction is shaped by an organisational brief, setting out objectives and benchmarks. The coach and the client develop personal objectives and measurement criteria suitable to the client’s needs.

The coach summarises key issues and deliverables. Once accepted by the client, this document guides subsequent interaction. Any mismatch between organisational expectations and an individual’s perceived role is further explored.

The coach functions as a sounding board or an advocate of alternative solutions. As trust develops, coach and client probe the leader’s potential for improved performance. Role-play and rehearsal of critical scenarios may be used to improve performance in specific situations. The coach provides support in times of crisis and prompts the client to consider new approaches. The personal chemistry of senior executive and coach can be an antidote for the loneliness of leadership while driving new levels of performance.

Typical objectives of the program include enhancing the profit performance of the chief executive’s organisation; to achieve a good life balance; better strategy formulation and planning; encouraging creativity; improving inter-personal relationships; increasing clarity and confidence; being a more effective leader and gain a promotion, only to name a few.