The professionals of GKA have more than 70 years' combined experience helping company executives to take their leadership, careers and organisations to the next level. Partnering with the right executive coach is a powerful strategy that has proven time and time again to be the catalyst for positive career progress.

Meet the team behind GKA’s success:

Gert Kruger
Managing Partner

Coaching philosophy and approach
My core coaching focus is ensuring my clients’ business performance, company bottomline results, work satisfaction levels and lifework balance improvement. I have coached chief executives, senior executives, middle management and technical specialists. I have often been used to develop young leadership talent.

I have excelled in assisting leaders to deliver exceptional business results, individually and as a team, to grow their individual leadership skills, such as presence, confidence and life balance. (These leaders normally get very little guidance, understanding and support from parties inside their organisations). I also provide mentorship on process and systems engineering.

One of my core differentiators is that I am also a turnaround specialist. This assists me in staying close to practical business and coaching to create synergy between theory and real business. The coaching programme and methodology I use were developed with the help of Ian Martin and Co from Switzerland, one of the best business coaching practices in the world.

We have a structured coaching methodology that takes the client, via specific modules on a journey that ensures that the issues that should be coached are highlighted and then addressed.

We tailor the programme to the specific requirements of the client both the organisational requirements and individual needs.

Previous career background

  • Senior executives, such as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Information officer at Liberty Life; 16 years
  • Information Technology Executive at Investec Bank; 6 years
  • Executive coaching and corporate private practice; 16 years

Coaching work and experience

I have over 15 years' coaching experience and have coached more than 700 executives, managers and specialists in South Africa and overseas.

Extensive financial services assurance, insurance, health care banking, retail and wholesale, ICT and high technology experience, including clients such as Old Mutual, Metropolitan, Discovery, World of Windows, Look and Listen, Bigen Africa Truworths, Stuttafords.

Gert has extensive executive coaching experience in finance, operations, sales and marketing, governance and human capital.

Educational background

  • BComm from UNISA
  • National Technical Certificate (Telecommunications): Coaching Memberships
  • Founder member of COMENSA
  • International Coaching Federation
  • European Coaching and Mentoring Federation

Coaching expertise

  • Executive business coach
  • Turnaround specialist
  • Group performance coach
  • Life balance, self-image and presentation coach
  • Retail domain specialist

Some clients

South Africa

  • Old Mutual
  • Thought Express
  • Hatfield Animal Hospital
  • Look & Listen
  • ACSA
  • AngloGold Ashanti
  • Nedbank
  • Evoltive Software Solutions
  • Barclays Bank
  • Mutual & Federal
  • FNB
  • World of Windows
  • Goldfields
  • Anglo Vaal
  • Discovery
  • MWEB
  • Webber Wentzel
  • BCE
  • OMSA


  • TransNamib
  • NACC
  • The Meat Board of Namibia
  • NamibRé
  • Standard Bank
  • FNB Namibia
  • Namport


  • Botswana Life Insurance Limited
  • Botswana Couriers
  • CEDA

Dr Henk van Tonder


Henk is a registered professional engineer with a B.Sc. (Mechanical Engineering) and an M.Eng (Industrial) from the University of Pretoria and a D.Com (Business Management) from the RAU University in Johannesburg, and is an alumnus of Templeton College, Oxford (Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme, 1996).

He has extensive experience over a 30 year period in both the heavy engineering and precision manufacturing industry, both in private industry and in the defence and aerospace industries as an engineer involved in technology transfer, product development/ industrialisation, project management, contract management, manufacturing, ERP and BPR. He has spent more than 15 years in executive management positions and as a director of companies.

Henk has been involved in the training, development and mentoring of engineers-in-training and technicians and is a member of ECSA’s Professional Advisory Committee for Industrial Engineers, and is responsible for the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) portfolio of the SAIIEE.

George Simango


George is a holder of a bachelors degree in Accountancy and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants qualification (ACCA), one of the largest and fastest growing global accountancy bodies, whose headquarters and principal administration office are in London and Glasgow, respectively. He is a fellow member of ACCA (FCCA) and the Botswana Institute of Chartered Accountants (FCA). George is a certified auditor and a chartered accountant. He is currently pursuing a masters degree in Business Administration with the University of Liverpool, and has intentions to obtain a doctorate degree in Business Administration as soon as possible.

Beginning as management trainee after graduation, George has served both in industry and the public accountancy sectors as Financial Accountant, Financial Manager, Audit Senior, Audit Manager, and now as Principal (Managing) Partner in Abson Partners, a certified and rapidly upcoming audit, tax and advisory service partnership firm based in Gaborone, Botswana. Additionally, he is currently an associate partner in Green Growth, a Botswana based firm of auditors.

Based in Gaborone, George is an experienced auditor, accountant, and management consultant, business evaluator, who, by many people, is viewed as a radical strategic thinker , critical analyst, advisor, business developer, business reformer, business revivalist and deeply a team player and leader. In this regard, George has had the privilege to be part of some local and international audit assignments, including business and project development projects located in the SADC region.

He holds other partnerships and directorships in two other organisations in the ENET Group (comprising Abson Partners, Executive Network Group t/a A&G Consulting, and Global Treasury Services) that specialise in management consulting, business strategy, business development, business organisation, business re-organisation, and corporate finance.

George is forever seeking to connect himself to value adding associations or networks from all across the different disciplines that range from auditing, accounting, tax, business, economics, human resources, engineering and other disciplines, and through these associations and continuing professional development, he is managing to grow his career and to be strategically relevant to the provision of value to his clients.

George is happily married with two daughters. Privately, George spends time with his family, friends and church where he is the head elder of his local SDA church. George is an ardent reader of the Bible and is a teacher thereof, rightly dividing the word of truth. At times, George spends time playing chess and Sudoku. He was a chess champion in Zambia and represented Zambia at the Chess Olympiads in Thessalonika in 1988.

It is from such wealth of exposure that George is confident all the time to carry out complicated tasks of different sizes and nature that come his way.

Dr André Steenekamp


Coaching philosophy and approach

André’s approach to coaching is firmly rooted in GKA’s proven methodology. At the heart of his philosophy to coaching is a deep passion for the empowerment of individuals and teams to unlock their own potential; to improve understanding of ‘self’ and others; and to develop capacity to mitigate approaching challenges before they can affect on the performance of the leader, other individuals, teams and the organisation at large.

Previous career background

  • Independent partner in executive coaching and corporate finance boutique (Feb. 2013 - to present)
  • Trustee of a family trust (2003 - to present)
  • Group executive general manager (2011 – 2012)
  • Executive director responsible for strategy and organisational development, marketing, corporate governance, HR, administration, negotiation, as well as alternate operations director and financial director (1995 – 2011)
  • Member of close corporation in property investments (2002 – 2011)
  • Member of second close corporation in property investments (2005 – 2011)
  • Non-executive chairman of a diamond mining venture (2004 – 2009)
  • Managing member of a close corporation (franchise in security products) (2004 – 2006)
  • Marketing executive with full responsibility for the department (1993 – 1995)
  • Fingerprint and forensic investigator for the South African Police Services (1986 – 1993)

Coaching work and experience

Most of André’s coaching work has focused on reforming ‘problematic’ and poor-performing individuals, the development of emerging talent and the transformation of dysfunctional leaders and teams and under-performing functional groups.

Educational background, training, academic contributions and professional membership:


  • National Diploma: Management (cum laude) (Technikon SA, 1997)
  • Bachelor of Technology: Management (UNISA, 2006)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) (cum laude) (NWU, 2009)
  • Philosophiae Doctor (PhD) in Business Administration (NWU, 2013)


  • South African Police Service (SAPS) training college (SAPS, 1987)
  • Training as SAPS forensic and fingerprint investigator (SAPS, 1989)
  • HIV and AIDS workshop for business leaders (NWU, 2009)
  • GKA coaching methodology training (GKA, 2013)

Academic contributions

  • Academic papers read at the 4th International Business Conference (IBC), Zambia, 11 to 15 October, 2010
  • Published two academic peer reviewed articles respectively in the South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences (Volume 14, Issue 3) and the Southern African Business Review (Volume 15, Issue 3) (2011)
  • External examiner for the MBA programme of the NWU, Potchefstroom (2011)
  • Guest-speaker at the NWU MBA winter study-school on the realities of living the entrepreneurial ‘YOMP’ (2012)
  • Peer reviewer for the Research in Business and Management Journal (RBMJ) on women entrepreneurship in Uganda (2012)
  • External moderator for the MBA programme of Milpark Business School (2013)

Professional membership

  • Practitioner member of Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA)

Dr Henk Lourens


Henk coaches chief executives, board members, senior executives and senior technical specialists.

From a team-coaching perspective, Henk has extensive experience in lifting team performance. These skills were practiced and developed during a series of successful interventions into management processes in the mining industry.

Henk has also turned around a number of manufacturing related business units under circumstances that at first glance looked extremely unfavourable. It is his belief that success requires that employees follow a good strategy, experience purpose and are aligned to enable their strategy. It is the alignment phase that often creates most difficulty; this is where Henk’s experience can add a great deal of value.

He has presented on strategy and change management to associations such as Pisa, MPAD, Theory of Constraints practitioners association, Da Vinci University of Technology and Sasol.

In the fields of strategy and change management, Henk is an accomplished author. He contributed a chapter to the Goldratt School's book titled: “Leading people through change” in 2012. In 2013, he published “Drawing a new map: Doing the right things well through strategic learning and strategic alignment” on Kindle.

For executive and life balance coaching, Henk uses the GKA coaching methodology, which was developed in collaboration with Ian Martin& Co from Switzerland, a business coaching practice recognised as one of the best in the world. It employs structured coaching methodology directed by specific modules to create a journey for the client – a journey focused on identifying and addressing specific issues for coaching.

Previous career background

  • Senior Scientist, Sasol Polymers
  • Divisional Manager, Nampak Flexpak
  • Technical Director and shareholder, Ampa Plastics
  • Director: Large Sales Projects, Ampa Plastics
  • Owner Stratflow Facilitators (Theory of constraints based consulting to the mining and manufacturing industries)

Coaching work and experience

Henk has consulted mining companies since 2013 and has helped to regenerate plastics manufacturing companies since 2005. The technique used combines the theory of constraints, four disciplines of execution and Peter Senge’s five disciplines. These disciplines are applied in a group setting called 'The War Room' to enable group learning and alignment. After these sessions, 'one-on-one' coaching of participants is done to enhance their capacity to support the business strategy.

Educational background

  • MSc Polymer Science (Cum Laude)
  • MBA Edinburg Business School (Distinction)
  • Theory of constraints certified practitioner in thinking processes, finance and measures, supply chain logistics and project management
  • GKA coaching methodology training
  • Comensa certified coach/mentor

Coaching expertise

  • Executive business coach
  • Group executive coach
  • Turnaround specialist
  • Company regeneration
  • Life balance coach

Coaching philosophy and approach

Henk’s core coaching focus is to improve his clients’ leadership competencies, business performance, work satisfaction levels and life-work balance. He has extensive experience consulting and coaching in the mining and manufacturing industries.

Gerry Holtzhausen


Gerry was a scholar at UP, UNISA, RAU (now UJ), and the UCT Business School, where he read for the qualifications BLC LLB; Adv. Dip. in Banking; Adv. Dip. in Project Management and a master's degree in Strategy.

He has more than 30 years' experience in the corporate arena and managing his own companies, and has extensive experience in the legal, financial, risk, project and contract management, property, HR and strategy fields; and has held various positions such as executive manager and group MD for a JSE-listed company.

He has financial structuring and project-and-property finance expertise, as well as M&A and asset and liability management experience. This was obtained at inter alia the SA Reserve Bank, the World Bank and Fannie Mae, as well as within the BOE group and as consultant to the banking industry.

His experience also includes PPP consulting and deal-structuring (also as project officer with transaction advisors), and in training, development and coaching in various fields with many SA companies. He was, and still is, a director with many companies, and consults on infrastructure and housing projects in Africa. Gerry is also a member of COMENSA.

Dr Hein van der Merwe


Hein van der Merwe is a registered professional engineer, an experienced mentor and technical coach for professional engineers and has recently broadened his coaching to executive level. 

Previous career background

  • Technical Engineer at a water treatment company
  • Professor and Head of the Department Chemical Engineering at a leading University
  • Consulting engineering and contract researcher for leading engineering and water treatment companies
  • Lead Engineer at a petrochemical company
  • Production manager at a petrochemical company
  • Project manager at a petrochemical company
  • Partner of GKA, executive coaching and corporate finance practice 

Coaching work and experience

Hein has over 10 years' mentoring and technical coaching experience and has coached more than 100 specialists in South Africa.
Clients include blue chip companies, such as Sasol.

Educational background

Hein holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (1993); a master's degree in Engineering (1998; The electrochemical treatment of water to remove dissolved substances; Focusing on acid mine drainage) and a Philosophiae Doctor (2006; Chitosan membranes for the removal of zinc from simulated wastewater) obtained from the North-West University.

Coaching philosophy and approach

Hein’s core coaching focus is to improve his clients’ leadership competencies, technical growth and professional growth, work satisfaction levels and life-work balance.

Coaching expertise

  • Mentoring and technical coaching
  • Life balance-, self-, image and presentation coach
  • Executive coaching

Dale Gardner


Dale coaches chief executives, senior executives, middle management and senior technical specialists and is also positioned to develop young leadership talent.

He has excelled in assisting leaders to deliver exceptional business results to grow their individual leadership skills as well as their presence, confidence and life balance. (Typically, C-level executives get very little guidance, understanding and support from parties inside their organisations).

One of his core differentiators is that he is also a turnaround specialist. This assists him in staying close to practical business and ensuring that his coaching does not become theoretical. We create synergy between theory and real business. The coaching programme and methodology that GKA uses were developed with the help of Ian Martin and Co from Switzerland, one of the best business coaching practices in the world.

GKA has a structured coaching methodology that takes executive clients via specific modules on a journey that ensures that the issues that should be coached are identified and then addressed (a diagnostic framework is used to enable both the coach and the executive to help define the issues to be coached).

We tailor the coaching programme to the specific requirements of the client, including both the organisational requirements and needs of the individual being coached. GKA has coached more than 700 senior executives and currently coach executives in companies such as AngloGold Ashanti, Goldfields, Old Mutual, Sun International, Nedbank and many more.

Coaching work and work experience

Dale has executive coaching experience and has more than 20 years' experience in the ICT / TMT industry. Living his passion, Dale has gained invaluable business insight within various vertical markets, including telecommunications, financial services and the healthcare industry as an executive. During this time, he has gained invaluable hands on experience in:

  • Coaching and mentoring of management and technical lead consultants
  • Executive board level position, strategy and execution
  • Turnaround consulting, business value IT propositioning
  • Enterprise solution architecture and business intelligence
  • Business process re-engineering, product development, system integration
  • Programme and project management and operational delivery

Previous career background

  • Systems Programmer and Senior Network Analyst at Columbus Stainless Steel; 4 years
  • Founding member and IT Executive Di re c tor for a boutique IT consulting company; 16 years.
    • Partner: Data Broadcast Satellite Systems
    • Technical Director
    • Operations Director
    • Business Development Director


  • BSc., BSc. Honours: University of Port Elizabeth (now Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)
  • MSc. (Computer Science): University of Port Elizabeth
  • MBA: Bond University Australia
  • GKA coaching methodology training


  • COMENSA: Coaches and Mentors of South Africa
  • IoDSA: Institute of Directors Southern Africa
  • IMCSA: Institute of Management Consultants South Africa

Coaching expertise

  • Executive business coach
  • Turnaround specialist
  • Corporate finance specialist

Coaching philosophy and approach

Dale’s core coaching focus is to ensure that his clients' business performance, company bottomline results, work satisfaction levels and lifework balance improve.

Jannie Kotzé


Jannie Kotzé joined GKA in 2010. He obtained a BEcon degree (Majors in Logistics and Economics) and worked in a national corporate environment for 20 years as senior management. Jannie has been part of numerous turnaround strategies and works closely with the French based consultancy company MERCER, Accenture and McKinsey, in business turnaround strategies and implementations.

Jannie’s expertise lies in the logistics and financial sectors and coaching environment. He is also a coaching specialist, coaching and training in Africa contracting to an American company Pacific Architecture and Engineering (2012-2013) in South Sudan. Jannie is also the CEO of a non-profit organisation (OLFA), dealing with funding and projects for mentally disabled people.


Viola Gotore


Viola holds a Bachelor of Psychology (honours) degree, as well as a Diploma in Industrial Relations, both from the University of Zimbabwe, and successfully completed a Management Development Programme (Stellenbosch University). She also holds Certificates in Labour Relations, Training, Recruitment and Selection.

Viola has experience in various senior roles as a human resource practitioner within SADC. She was a Human Resource Manager with a Zimbabwean Stock Exchange listed conglomerate with interests in sugar refinery and distribution, wholesaling, long-haulage transport, engineering and tyre manufacturing, packaging, the manufacture of value added sugar products and the bottling of carbonated drinks. She also performed the human resources executive role for a ports company.

Viola currently consults in various aspects of Human Resources management, including recruitment and selection, salary and employee satisfaction surveys, organisational development and industrial relations.

Kagiso Pontsho


Kagiso graduated from the University of Botswana in 2001 with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing and has completed the Credit Skills Development programme through Barclays Bank, which covers commercial lending as well as obtaining a certificate in small business consultancy from the North-West University (Potchefstroom campus). She is currently pursuing an MSc in Corporate Finance.

Kagiso has worked within the small and medium enterprises (SME) sector, business process re-engineering, strategy formulation, financial analysis and project management.

She started her career with an entrepreneurship training and development company called Enterprise Botswana and moved to a development agency, named CEDA, which provided end-to-end entrepreneurship assistance to SMEs, initially as a mentoring coordinator and then as a business coach to ensure integration and standardisation for loan origination and entrepreneurial development onto the SAP platform. 

She then moved to Barclays Bank as a project manager and moved to corporate credit in origination of large commercial and corporate accounts and later on proceeded to ensure that credit standards are met through structure, sanctioning and monitoring and control of credit applications.

Juliet Victor


Juliet has coached call centre teams and management teams, Chief and Senior Executives and business owners and her coaching style and expertise has been a catalyst for sustainable and increased performance and results, as well as identifying and effecting development for leadership with purpose.

Juliet is exceptional in providing a platform and environment that stretches a leader’s level of awareness and consciousness creating a new concept of integrity and accountability and success. Her experience with (one on one coaching); teams and management group coaching ensures that she is a confident facilitator and performance coach to individuals who are not usually able to obtain the support and guidance in the environment.

Juliet’s gift is in hearing and understanding what is not said and not as yet realised. Her ability to get to the heart of the situation and speak directly to what needs to be addressed, makes her one of the best in her field. She is fun loving and practical, always looking for the simplest solution. “Excellence should be elegant and powerful”, is one of her motto’s.

Previous career background

  • Management and Team Performance Coach at Momentum (8 years)                      
  • Business and Life Excellence Coach and Mentor for the 10000 Woman project for GIBS                           
  • Business owner and founder for 4D Coaching, a newly formed life and group coaching and leadership development company (2 years).                             
  • Youth development and life skill facilitator (2 years) SME- business development coach (6 years)
  • Juliet has worked in the financial services industry for over 14 years, in life insurance and human resources and management. She has over 8 year’s performance, group and executive business coaching. She is a qualified assessor, coach, planner, motivational speaker ,author and facilitator. She has coached varied cultural and ethnic groups as well as different levels in management.

Educational background

IMM Diploma; Programme for Emerging Managers NQF Level 5 Certificate; Outcomes based Education Assessor; Coaching and Mentoring accreditation NQF Level 5 Certificate ; Master Coach level 4 accreditation, Trainer; Facilitator and more.

Coaching philosophy and approach

Juliet’s core coaching focus is to change awareness and move leadership to a level of conscious performance that exceeds expectations in work, self-awareness and life balance. Juliet has coached for over eight years in the financial and business industry with outstanding results. Training turns on the light in one’s mental shelf space but coaching lights the room.

Coaching expertise

  • Consciousness coach
  • Executive group coach
  • Business executive coach
  • Communication coach
  • Life success and balance coach
  • Financial Assessor and Change
  • Agent Specialist
    Performance coach
    Group coaching and facilitation

Julia PeacockJulia Peacock


Coaching Expertise

  • Executive Business Coach (since 2004)
  • Group Executive Coach and Strategic Planning Facilitator (since 2003)
  • Goal, Solution and Values focused coaching (since 2003)
  • HR, Executive Search, Training and Development specialist (since 2000)
  • Communications Specialist (since 2000)
  • Motivational Leader
  • Psychologist in applied counselling (since 1997)
  • System Therapist (since 2006) 
Julia coaches business qwners, chief executives, senior executives and senior technical specialists.
Her coaching expertise often helps to discover hidden potential in leaders and their businesses.
Coaching philosophy and approach
Everyone needs to be viewed from a neutral standpoint in order to gain an objective view of one’s self; and because this is not possible for an individual to do, coaching makes this possible.
Julia’s key coaching focus is to help clients to understand their real strategic goals and make a plan to achieve them to help them discover their strengths and weaknesses in their business and their hidden potential; helping them realise their most important values; motivating them to face business challenges and global crises; reducing or eliminating their internal personal obstacles that block performance; as well as discovering their hidden potential as leaders by developing self-confidence, presentation skills, using coaching as a method of management, balancing their life (work-life balance), building leadership teamsand strong team relationships.
Previous career background 
  • From 2001, Julia has worked in the corporate world as CHRO and CLO in medium sized and large companies in the following sectors: property, retail, tourism, media, IT, insurance, production and consulting. In most of the companies, she was responsible for the setting up of HR departments or corporate training centres, executive search and recruitment, training and development. Wherever Julia worked, she made changes and innovations to improve performance.
  • In 2003, Julia began her career as an executive business coach and strategic planning facilitator.
  • During this time, she was part of the team that setup several consulting companies as well as two recruiting agencies and corporate training centres.
  • Julia also has extensive experience in corporate training and development programmes and facilitating strategic meetings. 
  • She is the author of two books, i.e. Effective sales (2006), and HR management (2008) as well as the founder of the consulting business 'Partners' that provides several services, namely: management consulting, corporate finance, executive business coaching, and legal services.
  • Julia’s business experience covers several domains within HR management, including: strategic HR management, executive search and recruitment, corporate and individual motivation, training and development, individual and team performance, stress and anger management, conflict resolution, operational and strategic management, sales communications and sales strategy, copyrighting and marketing, 
  • Julia has a background in psychology, which supports her coaching in fields of stress management, depression, anger management and personal life crises. 
  • Julia has a private practice and deals with reducing mental and emotional blocks to improve performance and relationships; and works with emotional intelligence development.
  • She worked in businesses and now works for businesses. It gives her a holistic view of the client’s world.  
Educational background
Julia has a master's degree in Radio Engineering. Later, she studied Psychology, Industrial psychology, Positive organisational behaviour, Leadership, Change management, Business investment and marketing, Management for MBA, Coaching as style of management, Emotional intelligence, Family system therapy and Conflict mediation.

Meloney van Schalkwyk


Meloney is results driven and a focused individual always aware of the needs of the business as well as that of the employees. She has been successful in coaching employees to be successful to strive and achieve their goals and have a positive impact on the business targets.

She has always worked in the highly disciplined field of occupational health and safety for various multi-national companies. This involves working with people on a daily basis and coaching and guiding with regards to what is right and wrong and why and what the difference will be when behaviours become more positive. The nature of people is to take short cuts, anything to make the work easier, and, through coaching, one can change this mind set to become more productive in the business and for employees to be more successful in their careers.

Meloney has been very successful with the development, implementation and auditing of various management systems, such as ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001:2007. This systematic and focused manner of working carries through to all other work she approaches and this includes coaching. The structure will allow the individual to feel and see that he/she is making progress. The softer skills of behaviour change will assist in completing the integral coaching process.

Previous career background

  • Health, Safety, Security and Environment Manager Southern Africa; 8 years
  • Environmental consulting; 3 years
  • Health, Safety, Environment and Compliance Manager; 4 years 

Educational background

  • ND Environmental Health: Cape Technikon
  • People Management Programme: UNISA
  • Management Advancement Programme: WITS Business School
  • Integral Coaching: UCT Centre for Coaching
  • Media training
  • OHSAS 18001:2001 Implementation: SABS
  • OHSAS 18001:2001 Auditing: SABS
  • ISO 14001 Auditing

Coaching expertise

  • Mentoring
  • Safety and behaviour coaching
  • Culture change coaching
  • Integral coaching

Coaching philosophy and approach

Meloney’s coaching approach is to provide a structured approach along with an integrated approach to ensure that there is a balance in all aspects of the coachee’s life. There will be business and personal results.

Wilhencia Uiras

Wilhencia is a qualified social worker who spent most of her professional career in the field of people management disciplines. Specific areas of her strength include coaching and mentoring, organisational development, affirmative action interventions and policy development.

Wilhencia held several executive management appointments with Rossing Uranium, Standard Bank Namibia, Barloworld Namibia and the Namibian Public Service, mainly in the areas of strategic human resource interventions and development. She currently serves as director of the Namibia Employment Services Board and is a member of the Remuneration Committee of the NBC Board.

Mrs Uiras also served as non-executive Director of several State Owned entities and private sector companies over the years, including GIPF, Barloworld Namibia, NCCI, NEF, Social Security Commission, Namibia Airports Company and Namcor.

She was a member of the Katuka Mentorship programme where she mentored upcoming female professionals.

Wilhencia holds a Master degree in Business Leadership from UNISA, Executive Leadership Development Diploma from GIBBS, BA (Hons.) degree in Development studies and Diploma in Social Work from the University of Western Cape.